Texas Warrant Round-Up Begins on Saturday

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - This week over one hundred and thirty agencies statewide are on the look-out for anyone with oustanding warrants.

"Any traffic violation from speeding to running a stop light, or not having driver's license. Any traffic Class C violations that you can think of. If anyone received that citation and hadn't paid for it. They're going to be out looking for them," Officer Lara with the Odessa Police Department, said. 

Letters where mailed in February to anyone with a warrant, reminding them to pay their fines. 

"We actually give them plenty of time to take care of the warrants and then finally when it gets to the point where there's too many warrants not taking care of, that's when they conduct these warrant roundups," Lara said.

Roundups that require lots of attention. 

"We have additional law enforcements come in and they are working over time and Municipal Court is also going to have their staff working overtime," Lara said.

Odessa Police officials say warrant roundups have been quite successful in the past.

 "You'd be suprised how many people come in and take care of these warrants," Officer Lara said.  "Whether they're at home, whether they're working. Wherever they may be, they're going to be out looking for them."

All these warrants that seem to catch up to you when you least expect it.