Make-A-Wish Sends 4-Year-Old Girl to Disneyland

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - Most young girls admire Disney princesses, but for Arianna Juarez, her life is not like your typical 4 -year old.

"It's been about two years," Regina Juarez, Arianna's Mother, said. 

Two years since Arianna was diagnosed with Hemangioma, a congenital benign tumor. 
Since then she's been getting treatment every six weeks for her condition. 

"She knows exactly what's going on. She's ready for it to be over. She knows she has to go through the things before it gets to be over," Juarez said.

It's Arianna's strength that brought her a long way. "She's doing good. They've been big improvements within the weeks. He said bigger improvements coming so we're happy with that," her mother expressed.

Some improvements on a illness that doesn't seem to phase little Arianna one bit.

"Seeing her go through what she's having to go through. Everytime we've been around her she's been like a regular kid playing and running, and laughing. You can tell she's not letting it get her down," Cheryl Nance with Make-A-Wish Foundation, said.

Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted her a trip to Disneyworld, where she can forget about her worries, and enjoy being a kid. 

"She deserves it. She has been through so much. We're very blessed, and she's going to love it. We're going to have fun," Juarez said.

No matter what obstacle Arianna faces, she knows that her family will always be there to support her. 

"I love you. I'm proud of you, and I hope that you keep going," Juarez said. 
Words of comfort from a mother who admires the strength of her own little princess.