Howard County Goes All Out to Fight Fires

BIG SPRING - With dry conditions and strong winds Howard County volunteer fire fighters are now in a level one mode, which means everyone is on duty.

"Six firefighter units and six command and control units are on duty," Howard County Chief Volunteer Firefigter, Tommy Sullivan, said.

It's a strategy Chief Tommy Sullivan says seems to work best.

"When we have 6 trucks in one scene, we have enough there to replace trucks and keep the fire going until we let the fire go," Sullivan said.

Sullivan says his crews are ready with the vehicles and man power to tackle any fire.

"We're at 82 in ten stations. Everyone thinks 82 is a lot, but you break it down that's eight people at a station," Sullivan said.

All firefighters are volunteers protecting their community, much like Billy Wade, a former Marine.

"In the Marine Corps you're protecting people, here you're also protecting people and you're taking care of civilians as far as their homes, land, animals, and kids," Wade said.

Sullivan says based on the weather, level one mode could stick around for a while.