Harmony Home Gets Makeover

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

An economic downturn has tightened the purse strings for many local organizations putting even simple projects on the back burner. But one Midland company decided to step in and help out. In fact, it's the biggest gift our West Texas child advocacy center has ever received.

"Big surprise," Rodney Hall, Executive Director of Harmony Home said. "Big surprise for myself, the board, the staff, everybody who's involved."

Each year, Slater Controls, a Midland industrial company takes their employees hunting, golfing  or bowling. But this year they decided to do something a little different.

"We wanted something on a smaller basis to do to give back," Kevin Slater, Owner, Slater Controls said.

The company volunteers came from all over West Texas, even Albuquerque and Phoenix, to spruce up Harmony Home, an Odessa child advocacy center.

"The main goal for Harmony Home is to always be child friendly, always to look welcoming and inviting, and this is a big step in that," Hall said.

Almost 40 workers spent Friday remodelling, painting, and building a new playground.

"They more than overwhelmed us with everything that they're doing," Hall said. "We weren't expecting this much."

"It's actually been one of our funnest events because it's brought a lot more comradery amongst the company because in the past, not everyone golfed, not everyone hunted," Slater said. "This, everyone had some small task."

Small tasks that mean a better environment for children seeking therapy after abuse or assault.

"It's a big project for us," Hall said. "It saves us tons of money, thousands and thousands of dollars."

Because of the economy, last year, Harmony Home lost over $130,000 in funding. The director tells us, because they've lost so much, a project like this one would have never been possible.