Alleged Gang Members Facing Murder Charges

There are new charges and more arrests against suspected gang members in West Texas.

The 11 count indictment, released this week, against 17 members of the Latin Kings alleges drug dealing, gun running and murder.

The indictments are the result of a months long investigation of the violent gang known as the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation. We're told they were a major pipeline for illegal drugs and guns from Mexico through West Texas all the way up to Chicago.

Part of their territory included Midland, Odessa and Big Spring. Big Spring is where the Latin Kings got into a turf war with another group and that led to that deady drive-by.

30-year old Jose Nava, 19-year-old James Cole, 21-year-old Gabriel Gonzales, 21-year-old Eduardo Mares and 27-year-old Robert Ramirez are all accused in the May 4th, 2008 shooting.

Federal investigators say Nava was the top man in the Texas Latin Kings and ordered the drive by that killed Michael Cardona, Valerie Garcia and her unborn  child.

According to the affidavit the shooter was James Cole armed with an AK-47. Six people were hit with gun-fire that night, including Cardona, Garcia and a three year old girl.

The four men then drove the cars to a body shop where Cole gathered the shells and disposed of them.

If the five are convicted of the murders they could face the death penalty. This murder indictment is just a part of a much larger federal case against the Latin Kings.

Four more arrests were made Thursday in Midland, Big Spring, Mission, Texas and Chicago.      Those suspects made their first appearance in an Abilene courtroom Friday. Most are facing multiple charges.