KOCV Radio Trying to Overcome Financial Woes

By Wyatt Goolsby

ODESSA - Nearly half a million dollars is how much money officials at Odessa College said will be needed to keep their public radio station open. Board members are looking at a variety of options for a station that's losing thousand and thousands of dollars every year.

KOCV public radio continues to broadcast a variety of music and programming. However, the station at Odessa College is in limbo, as to whether it will stay afloat.

"There has been a downturn in the funding that they've been able to raise through their pledge drives," Cheri Dalton, with Odessa College, explained. "And this is a battle that these types of stations as well as the public broadcasting television stations, that's an ongoing battle."

KOCV is a nonprofit station. However, falling short more than $80,000 in the last three years leaves college officials trying to figure out how they are going to address multiple problems.

"The condition of equipment, the staffing, needs of the station and the overall the financial picture of what this station needs," Dalton said.

OC officials told NewsWest 9 what they need to upgrade the station isn't cheap. Building a new transmitter off campus, and hiring staff to run it could cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So why even bother?

"There is an investment in this station by the school, over a number of years," Dalton added. "There's community investment in it. There's a lot of attachment to the programming and to what this station offers. So, from that standpoint what it has meant to the college as well as the community is very important."

Odessa College board members and administrators said no deal is set in stone. They'll discuss all of their options again at the end of March. While the radio station is non-profit, they said there are still ways they can make KOCV more economically viable.