Cookie Sales Stay Sweet in West Texas

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Girl Scout Cookie sales remain sweet in West Texas despite slowing numbers around the country. USA Today reports Girl Scout Councils in the United States are watching sales fall, in some places by as much as 19 percent over last year.
"They're flying off our shelves, literally. We ran out of Lemonades. We have run out of Caramel Delights, and of course the Peanut Butter Patties which of course are our top sellers," Carrie Brownaugh said.

Brownaugh says since January 146 Girl Scout Troops have sold some 260,000 boxes of cookies in the Permian Basin.

Thin Mints and Shortbread cookie boxes equal big money for the girls involved.

"I can count back to the customers, now. It helps me to count in class and stuff." Kirsten Evans, 8, said at her brownie meeting Monday.

The girls go through weeks of sales training before the start of the sale at the beginning of each year.

"I feel confident, I've been in it for awhile so the excitement wears off but it is exciting to get your goal and go to cookie camp. It's exciting."

Troop 436 in Odessa will use the money earned this year to fund a trip to Savannah, GA. The girls have been saving for the trip for three years.

"They're learning something, they may not see it now." Brownaugh said. The girls learn how to count change, set goals and sell a product.
Even a regional slow down isn't hurting sales.

"There are several places that have had job cuts but that doesn't stop our community from saying you girls are so cute we're going to buy a box, number one because we love girl scout cookies but number two you're out here and your doing a good job." Brownaugh said smiling.

The national salmonella scare cast a shadow on all peanut butter products, but Brownaugh says the Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Patties were not affected and are completely safe to eat.