More Interest in GED Courses as Layoffs Continue

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND -The rising unemployment rate is making people think twice about higher education.   The interest in and demand for GED classes is going up locally.

"There are very few jobs that are going to pay like the oil field pays, without an education behind you," said Lynda Webb, Director of Adult Basic Education at Midland College.

Officials there say they are seeing at least 50 people per week wanting information on the GED program.

"Most of them have recently been let go from the jobs they have had here in the Permian Basin then in areas beyond the Permian Basin," Webb explained.

But it's not always people who have recently lost their jobs.  ebb says many just want to be one step ahead of the game,

"They've gone out, they've made a living.  They've made a great living but I think they would like to do something that is not quiet so hard as working in the oil industry."

The age of these students varies from 20 to 40. Most already know what they want to focus on.

The longer it's been since they've been in a classroom will definitely play a part in what type of classes they take. Webb says Midland College helps make that transition a little easier.

Whatever the reason for getting it, Web says a GED is worth its weight in gold.

Midland College has registration for GED classes every other week.  If you would like more information, you can call them at 385-6819.