Big Spring Symphony Says Show Will Go On

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring Municipal Auditiorium has played host to everything from dance recitals to plays, but a recent lawsuit against the city has left this historic theatre in the dark.

"We're very proud of our auditorium here.  It's been here since the 1930's.  Our auditorium is the finest in West Texas.  We're very disappointed that it's been closed down due to the Americans with Disabilities Act , specifically, the restrooms aren't handicapped accessible,"  said symphony director and conductor Dr. Keith Graumann.

The sounds of the Big Spring Symphony have filled the halls of the Municipal Auditorium for the past 28 years.  But until the building can be brought up to ADA compliance, the musicians are going to have to find somewhere else to play.

The symphony has recieved offers to use their facilities from Big Spring High School, Howard College, local churches, even Coahoma and Forsan.  As grateful as he is for the support, Dr. Graumann says it wouldn't be the same,

"It would all be a compromise as this is the only facility perfect for a symphony concert. It's got wonderful acoustics and it's just a shame that it will be shut down," he said.

Not only will this prevent the symphony from finishing its current season in the auditorium, they're going to have to make adjustments to next year's schedule too.

"We generally have two educational concerts a year and of course, those will be cut out for next season too," explained Graumann.

Renovations to make the auditorium ADA compliant wont be complete until 2010.  Dr. Graumann says symphony fans will be treated to a full 2009-2010 season, no matter where they play.

"The Big Spring Symphony has been here a long time and the show will go on."