City of Odessa Working to Control Grackle Population Around Music City Mall

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - For any one who drives down Tanglewood either early morning or late in the evening you can't help but hear the sound of the hundreds of grackles that love to roost in the trees around Music City Mall.

Phase two is currently underway in an attempt to cut down the number of birds, who to many, are a nuisance.

It's a joint effort between the Texas Wildlife Service, Odessa Police and Animal Control.

They are using a bait, or poison, called DRC 1339.

The bait is slow acting, so don't be alarmed if in the next couple of days, you see dead grackles around the area.

The whole process started back in January after a request from mall management because of an overpopulation of grackles around the property.

The whole process should be completed by this Sunday.

If you see any dead grackles that need to be picked up, after the bait is put out, you can call Odessa Animal Control at 368-3526.