Governor Perry Accepts $17 Billion in Stimulus Money

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Gov. Rick Perry has decided to accept Texas' $17 billion share of the federal stimulus money.

Perry wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama today that Texas would use the money "to promote economic growth and create jobs in a fiscally responsible manner."  But Perry still criticized the massive $787 billion plan in his letter to Obama.

He said it will burden future generations with unprecedented levels of debt.  Texas' share of the package is divided between education, health and human services, transportation, labor, criminal justice, and housing and infrastructure.

A state analysis says education gets the largest share with more than $6 billion. That's followed closely followed by health and human services programs at roughly $5.8 billion.

While detailed numbers emerged, Perry and other fiscal conservatives earlier questioned whether Texas should take all the money, even as the state faces a $9 billion revenue gap.