Ike Cleanup Mission Brings Family Closer Together

by Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The days of nonstop donation drives to aid the victims of Hurricane Ike may be over but for members of the Stonegate Fellowship Church, it doesn't mean the cleanup work is complete.

"The need is still really great," Mike Elkins, a mission specialist for the Stonegate Fellowship Church, said.

On March 16th-20th, a team of ten church members will head to Houston to help rebuild areas damaged by high winds during the September Hurricane.

"It's going to be a better feeling seeing things finished rather than torn up," Frank Nastase, a volunteer who participated in a Thanksgiving mission to Galveston, told Newswest 9 on Monday.

Nastase his wife Ruth and two children helped a team by gutting floors and tearing out walls to prevent the spread of mold to a home in Galveston.

"There was a lot of need to prevent more damage," Elkins said.

In July, the Stonegate Fellowship Church members will complete another mission. The deadline to sign up to volunteer is not until June. The group will link up with an alliance of other Church organizations including a group called Link. Link will provide a camp area for volunteers.

"It's going to take time, so if you see an opportunity get your family, your friends and put a team together and link up with one of these agencies and be a part of the reconstruction." Elkins said.

The trip is hardly a getaway but for the Nastase family, the last trip gave them a sense of closeness an purpose.

"It's good to send your money, to send products but to spend two days maybe even one day in one's life to give in a physical way and it will completely way will change your thinking and heart," Nastase said.