President Obama Prepares to Unveil Housing Plan

by Steve Handlesman

NBC News

WASHINGTON - On Tuesday, President Obama will sign his economic recovery plan.

The ceremony to celebrate the nearly $800-billion bill will be in Denver, in part to showcase clean energy spending in the jobs plan.

Colorado is a leader in the field.

It will also show off the President's appeal in what used to be a Republican state.

Only three Republicans voted for the Obama stimulus plan.

On Wednesday, the President floats his mortgage plan.

That could spark cross-party cooperation.

The Detroit auto bailout is back on center stage.

Tuesday is the deadline for Chrysler and General Motors to prove they can make a profit.

The key could be union concessions.

Will Chrysler and GM workers agree to the wages paid U.S. workers in Nissan and Toyota plants?

Some observers doubt it.

"The union is looking to President Obama, a man who owes his election in part to the unions, o give them a better contract than they would have to accept if they lowered wages and work rules and the rest to the same standard as the japanese manufacturers," University of Maryland Professor Peter Morici, said.

Republicans will be watching, apparently willing to vote no again on economic programs the  President says the nation needs.

That includes not only the Detroit bailout, but the Wall Street bailout and health care reform.