Elderly Couple Renews Valentine's Day Wedding Vows

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Most couples on Valentine's Day go out to eat, or send flowers to loved ones,  
but one Midland Couple had something more special to celebrate. 

For Jerry and Janette Cockerell this Valentine's Day marks a milestone. "We've been together 48 years, going on 49," Mrs. Cockerell said.

The two met in Abilene years ago, and on Saturday, the Cockerells along with the Waters renewed their wedding vows at the Legend Health Care Rehabilitation Center.

Janette Cockerell says the key to lasting almost 50 years takes understanding of one another.

"You got to have respect for each other and he always tells me he loves me, and I tell him I'm sorry," Mrs. Cockerell said.

Jerry Cockerell says devoting their time to eachother and their four children helped them last this long. "If I went fishing, they went with me. Whereever we went, they went with us. We didn't leave them with babysitters," Mr. Cockerell said.     

Mrs. Cockerell says relationships just aren't the same these days.

"It just seems like young people don't work at it. They aren't like our generation. I guess everything is in the fast lane."

Jerry and Janette's children admire their parent's love for one another.

"They've always been in love. They tell each other daily that they love each other. There's families that don't have that closeness. We've always said we love each other. That's what they do. They stand by each other and love each other," Sandy Smith said.

The Cockerells are living proof that true love and dedication can go a long way.