Peanut Plant Problems Continue Nationwide

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

Because of the actions of one company, everyone else is taking the fall.

According to Shelly Nutt, Executive Director of the Texas Peanut Producers Board, "We're just terribly sorry this happened.  It's a terrible tarnish on our entire image.  The entire industry has taken a black eye from this."

It's going to take more than rare steak to cure this black eye.  "So many people are just so afraid of buying anything peanut or peanut butter right now because of this and we don't want them to be afraid of it.  It's being handled," explained Nutt.

Peanut products have been recalled nationwide.   Nutt tells NewsWest 9, contrary to popular belief, they aren't all edible, "What the recall items are, are actually more ingredient items than they are finished product items."

If you're used to taking a handful of peanuts at your favorite steak house, that's okay too.  All in-shell peanuts or peanut found at restaurants like Logan's or Texas Roadhouse are totally safe.

You might ask how Peanut Corporation of America in Plainview was allowed to operate, even after years without an inspection?

"I'm not familiar with the standards, with the FDA or even the Texas Department of Health.  I don't know what their requirements are so I don't know how they were allowed to operate.  I don't know how they floated under the radar for four years without being inspected," Nutt commented.

Peanut producers want everyone to know, if it's on the shelf of your local grocery store, it's okay to buy and eat, "The major peanut butter manufacturers, Jiff, Peter Pan, Skippy, your store brands, these people buy their own raw peanuts.  They blanch them.  They roast them and they process their own peanut butter."

If you have any peanut products you are unsure about, call the 1-800 number on the back label.   They can tell you if the product is affected by the recall.   For a complete list of all the peanut products that have been recalled, just click on the news links tab at the top of this page.