Lee High School Senior Drops Weight to Enlist in the Army

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Push ups are a whole lot easier these days for Lee High School senior Bradley Frescaz. The teen dropped 70 pounds in order to enlist in the army, fulfilling a lifelong goal. Frescaz will head off to basic training in July.

"All the sweets, all the cokes, it's hard to give up at first." Frescaz said with a smile.

Giving up on candy, sodas, and cheeseburgers proved easier for Frescaz than letting go of the dream.

"We told Bradley what he needed to accomplish." Sergeant First Class Shawn Miller, station commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Station, said. "He was right at about 70 pounds over his max weight."

Frescaz started walking more and running up and down staircases. He did sit ups and pushups at home. Frescaz also participated twice a week in the Future Soldiers Program put on by Army recruiters at Lee High School.

"Bradley was really determined. He wanted it." Sgt. Miller said.

The changes started slowly, but soon Frescaz started losing weight.

"I am still buying him pants, he's still losing it." Lydia Frescaz, Bradley's mother said.

"That weight can weigh you down and now that he doesn't have to carry it he is walking prouder." Ms. Frescaz said.

The next challenge will be basic training in South Carolina.

"I feel happy, a lot happier than I did when I was overweight," Frescaz said. "I am excited and scared, at the same time but mostly excited."

Across the Country, the Army is turning away a lot of overweight applicants. The Associated Press reports obesity in the years ahead may become one of the biggest obstacles for young recruits.

Locally, Sgt. Miller says it is not a big problem.