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Hobbs Housing Development Generates Controversy

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NM - It's a site that some are hoping will provide an answer to the housing crunch, but one city leader says, it's the wrong answer.

"It's a situation that's already bad, that's going to turn worse," Scott Capps, a concerned Hobbs neighbor said.

Scott Capps lives in a neighborhood in the northeast area of Hobbs off Jefferson and Yeso Streets. At a meeting earlier this week, city leaders voted 5 to 1 to give preliminary approval for a new 46- mobile home park proposal that will sit right next to his home, but there's just one problem.

"The thing that concerns us more than anything is the flooding issue," Capps said. "We don't get a lot of rain but sometimes we get those cloud bursts and when it does, this street fills plum up and goes into people's houses. It's going to have an affect on people's homes, so that's a huge deal for all of us really."

That's just what Precinct 2 Commissioner Jonathan Sena says, who in that meeting voted no. But for the developer, Youngs Manufactured Homes flooding isn't a concern.

"Of course we've talked to engineers, and they don't see any problem with it," Sales Manager Levi Whitley with Young's Manufactured Homes, said. "On the subdivision itself, we're putting in some areas to reduce the flooding, so I think that will help out instead of creating a bigger problem."

Young's Manufactured Homes says they're in the final stages of preparations on the proposed rental community.

"Everybody's been talking about affordable housing the last 2-3 years here in Hobbs, and no one has come up with anything," Whitley said. "We feel we can charge about $750 a month for rent, and that is affordable housing here."

The developer tells us if the city gives approval for the multi-million dollar project, construction will begin in about a year.

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