Mother Speaks Out After Her Ex-Boyfriend Assaulted One of Her Children

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Eva High is speaking out; Three years after her ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted one of her children.

For Eva High hearing Wednesday's verdict for Dusty Hernandez brought peace of mind.

"I was looking for life sentence with and they gave it to him, and I'm pretty happy with that  and we can finally move on from that," High said.   

Hernandez sexually assaulted her son in November 2006, and on Wednesday he learned his fate.

"He's serving life in prison for counts 1 & 2 of indictment, 20 years in prison for count 3, and $10,000 for each count," Hernandez's Attorney Patricia Cantu, said.

"The most difficult day was yesterday when the prosecution had to show the photographs that were in evidence. I think that's when we started to lose the trial, because it became very emotional," Cantu express.

However, for Eva High and her child finding closure is what they needed most, and with that comes advice to other parents.

"Please talk to your children ask them questions they might not always tell you the first time. Look for a sign," High said.