Texas Rangers Launch Criminal Investigation into Staged Raid

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The Texas Rangers have launched a criminal investigation into a home invasion at 232 Lotteman in Odessa.

In December of 2008, Odessa Police Officers obtained a warrant after receiving an anonymous letter. Officers entered the home but didn't find anything criminal. Instead, officers found surveillance equipment and quickly realized, the whole thing was a setup. The video was later posted on You Tube.

Former Permian Basin Drug Task Force Member Barry Cooper who is also the CEO of Kop Busters, the group that is taking responsibility for kick starting the raid.

Cooper says the officers did not have enough probable cause to search the home and the judge should never have signed the warrant. Cooper told NewsWest 9 in a phone conversation on Monday, the setup was intended to bring attention to the arrest of Yolanda Madden.

An Odessa Police spokesperson said on Monday, that because the case is now in the hands of the Texas Rangers they can no longer comment.

NewsWest 9 decided not to air anything about the case until a third party started investigating. Texas Rangers tell NewsWest 9, the case is being investigated and it could be weeks before it is complete.