Local Pawn Shops See a Rise In Sales

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA -  The slow economy is driving people to pawn shops where they can find secondhand items at an affordable price. 

One shopper, Randy Ulrich was looking for something special, but he didn't go to a conventional jewelry store.

"I asked my girl to marry me. They had a three piece ring set that I wanted and purchased it to give to my baby," Ulrich said. 

He went to Big Tex Pawn Shop, where the bling comes a little cheaper. 

"Everyone's cautious of where their dollar is going. You definitely look around and see where the best buy is," Big Tex Pawn Shop Manager, Rhonda O' Neal, said.. 

"Our sales are up right at this moment, business is brisk," O'Neal said.

On everything from jewelry, to electronics, and even guns.

"With the possibilty of stricter gun laws, people are aware that the prices and supply will get a little tougher," O'Neal said.