Seminole Residents Speak Out Against Alcohol Petition

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE - The concerned citizens of Gaines County held their first public meeting on Sunday to form an alliance against the petition and sale of alcohol. 

The recent petition to legalize the sale of alcohol in Gaines County is causing quite the stir.

"It's enough that we have people die, but to kill them with alcohol and accidents," Concerned Citizen, Judy Shibley, said.

"People say they're going to buy alcohol anyway, but our main concern is that we don't want it here," United Methodist Pastor Marv Gregory, said.

Seminole Mayor Wayne Nixon has a differernt view on legalizing alcohol sales.

"We're not stopping anybody from drinking, they're just having to drive further to get it. Perhaps if they can get it in seminole they might go home and not be on the road while they're drinking," Seminole Mayor Wayne Mixon, said.

However, for Judy Shibley, losing her brother from an accident is enough to keep alcohol off the streets. "He was killed. He eventually died from injuries from a drunk driver who hit him," Shibley said. 

Shibley, along with a group of others want to keep Seminole clean of alcohol.