Fort Stockton Winery Continues to Ship Wine in Sluggish Economy

by Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - It's a growing West Texas commodity, and it's not wind or oil-related.

Try West Texas wine.

A Fort Stockton vineyard says despite a sluggish National economy, they are still shipping out boxes across the county.

"We bottle everyday. We're bottling right now," Mike Stallard with Mesa Vineyeards, said.

Workers at Mesa Vineyards in Fort Stockton stay busy year round.

Despite a National economic crisis and slow down in the local oil business, sales are on the rise.

"We are fortunate. Higher price wines are being hit, because why buy a 20 dollar bottle of wine, when I can buy a five or six dollar wine, and I have the same quality, the same taste I'm going for," Stallard added.

Mike Stallard says wines like Saint Genevieve sell well, because it's a good product at a cheaper price.

"We're a working man's price. We're the Chevy pickup, we're not the Hummer pickup," Stallard said.

Beverlie Franco, owner of the local Apache Liquor in Fort Stockton says she's seen similar trends.

A recent slow down in business, but more consistent sales with wines.

"We sell a lot of Geneveive to our local people and to our traveling people, and we have a lot of people who come from California to Florida on our Interstate, and we always recommend our local wine which is St. Geneveive," Franco said.

Franco says she's even had customers asking her to ship Fort Stockton wine to other states.

It's too soon to tell whether West Texas wine will catch on, but Stallard says he's not surprised Americans are buying alcohol.

"Good times. Bad times. The old saying is people drink. Well, when you get depressed, people drink more," Stallard said.