West Texas Hotel Owner Responds to Discrimination Lawsuit

by Diane Tuazon 
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE - A West Texas hotel owner is striking back after allegations of racism. 

On Monday night, NewsWest 9 told you about a Central Texas family who claims they were turned away from the Seminole Inn because they're black. Now the motel is speaking out claiming it did nothing wrong. 
It all started when the Gault family made reservations at Seminole Inn, but when they showed up at the hotel, they claim they were descriminated against because of their race. 

On Monday afternoon, NewsWest 9 was unable to get a comment from the manager of the Inn, Henry Shah, but on Tuesday today he released this statement,  

"Seminole Inn has many satisfied African-American customers, and Mr. Shah was surprised to see the plaintiff's lawsuit. Seminole Inn denies any claims of discrimination on the basis of race and or color, and denies that any owner or the empoyee of the hotel made any of the alleged racial comments described in the lawsuit."

The Texas Civil Rights project helped the family file the suit in an Austin courthouse on Monday. 

The Seminiole Inn will have 30 days once served to respond to the suit.