Martin County Sheriff’s Office Looking for Containers to House Roosters

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - Of the 105 animals confiscated, 80 of them are fighting roosters.  That alone means they must be kept separate from the rest or they could kill each other, but the problems don't stop there.

Many of these roosters are currently being kept in boxes, some no more than eight inches wide. 

To make matters worse, some are being kept up to four per box.

The roosters have very little room to move which makes it almost impossible to provide them food and water.

Many of them are injured from fights they have been in and need medical attention.

And if the temperature gets above 75 degrees, some of these birds could die.

Martin County Sheriff John Woodward says these conditions are inhumane.

"We had an expert come in that told us it's just a matter of time.  In these small containers, they will die just, the conditions, they are standing in their own feces.  It's horrible," Woodward, said.

Martin County officials are asking for portable containers they can use temporarily until the investigation is complete.  Once it's over, you will get them back.

If you would like to and can help provide some type of portable containers for these animals, just call the Martin County Sheriff's Office at 756-3336.