Local Stores Seeing an Increase in Coupon Use

By Mary Lou Morga
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Consumers across the United States are looking for different ways to save money and they're turning to their grocery lists.

"They are using a lot of manufactures coupons in the store," Odessa Albertson's Store Director Edgar Anchondo, said.

Coupons that will save them money when purchasing certain products.

"A lot of products like Coca Cola, Pepsi, a lot of the products out there, a lot of the necessities," Anchondo said.

And now more people are taking advantage of those savings.

"I'm seeing new faces in the store we have a number of clientele but I'm seeing a lot of new faces," Anchondo said.

And to help with the economic crisis, stores like Albertson's are not only offering in store coupons, but also great savings.

"We have a lot of hot deals going on right now, I mean they're just coming in left and right," Anchondo said.

That's why grocery stores like Albertson's have seen a great increase in the number of people using coupons to buy their food and save money.