Neighbors By the Reeves County Detention Center React to Riots

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

It's a community just 1/2 mile from the Reeves County Detention Center. During the past couple of days, neighbors in Pecos have watched smoke billow out of the detention center, and listened to reports on the second riot in two months.

"In December, this happened once and it happened again," Morayma Baeza, a resident in the neighborhood adjacent to the prison, said.

On Saturday night, the Baeza family watched from their living room window as smoke escaped from the detention center.

"Helicopters, Homeland Security, and just about everybody else came in," Julian Baeza, Morayma's husband, said.

They've lived in this community for almost fifteen years, but when the prison moved in things started to change.

"Actually it bothers me more when I'm away from home and they're here alone," Baeza said. "You just have to live and get on with it."

Other neighbors tell NewsWest 9, they're getting used to the 2400 federal inmates next door and seeing federal, state, and local authorites next to their homes.

"I've been around other prisons before and they don't have riots and things like this," Bonnie Shephard, a nearby neighbor said. "But I don't know. I guess that's the way they're run."

She says it's exciting living next to the detention center.

"It's been crazy," Shephard said. "I just figured it was another riot. It seems like they riot over everything out here."

But the neighbors are quick to say the Sheriff's Department is doing their job.

"When something like that happens, they'll circle the streets a few times and if there's anything that's any danger to us, they'll let us know," Julian Baeza said.

But all the neighbors wonder when this will happen again.

"It's very scary because some other things could happen and mostly, I don't sleep," Morayma Baeza said. "I'm looking outside and I don't know what to do."