Narcotics Unit Teaming Up With Local Authorities in Big Spring

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Big Spring police are teaming up with Howard County Sheriff's deputies to get drug dealers off the streets and behind bars. 

Last year, Big Spring established a special narcotics unit, and to expand it they'll have to increase taxes. 

"One of the ideas they wanted to see was a narcotics unit that was working with all the local jurisdictions," Big Spring Police Chief Lonnie Smith, said.

The Police Chief hopes teaming up with Sheriff's deputies will make them more successful at tracking down drug dealers.       

"Not all the narcotics transacted in Howard County is just in the city of Big Spring. Some of them are outside in less populated areas of the county," Smith said.

Now the combined forces can cover a lot more ground.

"Sheriff's office doesn't have enough personnel to staff their needs," Smith said. Some residents tell Newswest Nine they don't mind paying a little extra in taxes if it means keeping drugs off the streets.

"I would be willing to pay for anything that would help keep my kids safe," one local resident said.