Midland's Pleasures Club To Shut Its Doors

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - From gang violence to drug dealing, one Midland night club is closed for good after police report dozens of cases of illegal activity.

The closing of Pleasures night club comes as good news for some south Midland residents Wednesday. Police say in less than two years, they've stacked up report after report of illegal activity at the business.

"I'm just glad now it's done, the club Pleasures is no more," Lieutenant Bernie Kraft, with the Midland Police Department, said.

Kraft said Wednesday it was a good move by club manager, Jody Thomas, to voluntarily vacate the building. This after Thomas appeared in court before visting Judge Kirk Wednesday morning. Kraft has stacks of papers mounted against Pleasures all filed in less than two years.

"We've had officers hurt down there, we've had stuff [thrown] at us. We've had shots fired, we've had stabbings," Kraft explained.

He had been investigating the after-hours club for months, and the shooting and death of 23-year-old Jermaine Swearington a little over a week ago was another blow against the business.

"Which a lot of us that work down there knew it was a matter of time, if we didn't get that [club] to close, we were going to have something like that," Kraft said.

"The corruption is still ongoing," Carol Morris, the property owner, said.

Morris told NewsWest 9 the situation is not that simple. On Wednesday, the judge ruled for a temporary injunction, that would close the building until the end of February. She said, she's getting blamed for illegal activity she didn't even know about.

"They had first allowed him to try and get me involved in some wrongdoing, and that and I didn't allow it and continued to collect rent," Morris said. "If that, whatever was going on, was on him."

Morris said she doesn't have a problem with the nightclub shutting down, but she doesn't understand why she can't use the facility for other public events, as part of the temporary injunction.

"Pleasures club house is a building for the community and older citizens in Midland look to have birthday parties, style shows, graduation parties, etc.," Morris explained.

Midland Police disagree with Morris, saying she was aware of past problems at the club. Judge Kirk will determine what will happen to the property in a final hearing set for February 26th.