Fire in Midland Scares Local Neighborhood

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9
MIDLAND - People living close by fled their homes at the first sight of smoke when their neighbor's house caught on fire. 

One man says he helped his family get out safely and did what he could to help his next door neighbor.

"I looked at that house on fire, I thought it was my house," next door neighbor David Riefkohl, said.

A knock woke him up, and he moved quickly out of his house. "I was just real worried about my family. I thought my house was on fire," Riefkohl said. 
Once on the street, he saw the smoke coming from his next door neighbors house.

"I just tried to contain the fire myelf with the neighbor until the fire people got here," Riefkohl said. 

Investigators say flames started in the bedroom of this home then spread quickly through out the house. 

The smoke made it it difficult to find the woman living inside.

"We couldn't see anything because it was black. We just saw the fireman, and it took maybe two minutes until they got here," expressed Riefkohl.

Fire crews found Tamera Vance laying in her hallway, blanketed in smoke. Riefkohl said he's just thankful they found her, and that his family is safe.

"My wife is pregnant, so we were worried about that, but she's ok," Riefkohl said.