Education and the Obama Administration

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS- It's was the first day on the job for President Obama and already educators across West Texas are expecting to see changes over the next four years.

"We're already anticipating a real focus on education. You have heard the newly elected President talk about an educated work force in America," Dr. Sylvester Perez, said.

On Tuesday, the USA Today reported Congress earmarked $142 billion dollars for education from an $825 billion dollar proposed stimulus package.

"Fundamentally we all believe that we want to provide the best education to all students and the big question is how do you do that?" Ector County ISD Superintendent Hector Mendez, said.

In the Obama-Biden plan, outlined on Mr. Obama's website, calls for incentives to help States create a universal preschool.

"Really from the moment of birth we can not start too soon on educating our children," Perez said.

It also calls for reforms to the No Child Left Behind Act, created under the Bush Administration. Mr. Obama's plan says it will help schools that are under performing.

"You know one of the by products of it [the No Child Left Behind Act] is that every student does count and that's good, but there does have to be some adjustments to the rating systems," Perez said.

E.C.I.S.D. Superintendent Hector Mendez expects the President to make few changes while the economy is struggling.

"I am anxious to see what comes out," Mendez said.  "The new President just took office yesterday, so I think it is going to be some time before we see some major changes."