Two Pit Bulls Euthanized After November Attack

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Last November the Baker family came home to find a shocking surprise. 

Their neighbor's pit bulls had killed two of the family's pets. 

The pits involved in the attack have been euthanized.

"It wasn't our decision to put them down. The Courtney's actually signed them over and they chose not to defend their dogs and had them put down," Jason Baker, whose dog was attacked, said.

The Courtneys' say they never expected their dogs would attack.

"It depends on how they're raised. If they're raised to be that way, they are, but not ours. I always told them if they ever started getting mean, we'll get rid of them," Kay Courtney, the owner of the Pit Bulls, said.

Animal service officials say it isn't just an issue with pit bulls.

"This could happen with any breed, but it just so happened these two were pitbulls and just got out and went after this dog," Paul O'Neil with Midland Animal Services, said.

Now, the Bakers' and the Coutrneys' are both coping with the lost of their companions.

"We put some closure to it. They'll be in peace. They'll be in heaven, we'll be with them again one day," Courtney expressed.

O'Neil said euthanizing the pitbulls was the only option. 

In any incident where an animal has attacked another animal or person, it's the shelter's policy to not make those dogs available for adoption.