Pastors Praying For Rain in Howard County

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

HOWARD COUNTY - "Pray for Rain." That's what one Howard County pastor wants everyone to do. Many local firefighters are already on board.

"We are in extreme danger at this point," Tommy Sullivan, the Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief, said. "These fuels are high and they are dead, and with this type of condition and February and March being our high wind month, all it's going to take is a spark."

Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief Tommy Sullivan said a lack of rain is taking its toll, and high West Texas wind means a fire could start at any time.

"Grass is the fastest moving fire that we will have," Sullivan explained. "Because the grass, when its this condition, all the humidity, all the moisture is actually out of the grass itself, so there is zero moisture in the grass at this time."

Firefighters also tell NewsWest 9 there are a number of ways a grassfire could start. The heat given off your car can help to spark a blaze, or a nearby electrical surge in a power line, for example. With so many factors, Howard County firefighters said they are thankful for all the help they can get.

Pastor Jim Mills at Gateway Baptist Church says he is bringing help to the firefighters the best way he knows how: through prayer.

Mills told NewsWest 9 God hears the prayers of one person, but with more people in the community praying, it is very meaningful. In addition, he said he's calling for everyone to pray this Sunday at 11 AM. A big boost for firefighters who say it's helped in the past.

"It works," Sullivan said. "My firefighters are safe, they've been in situations where other firefighters have lost their life or been seriously injured, and we were averted that to that. I directly attribute that to the prayer from the citizens of Howard County."

"We need an abundance of rain," Mills explained. "But without any storms that would damage anything, and that's the way we are praying."

Many said it's a chance for residents to turn to a higher power for relief.

"Having God on your side is always a good thing," Sullivan said.