President Obama's Immigration Reform

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Hard work will get you a better life. That's what the majority of immigrants are hoping for when they come to the land of opportunity, but becoming a legal citizen can take a while. 

"The numbers of people who have filed for family members & for employees legally filed waiting; the back log is 5-12 years," Immigration Attorney Lilly Plummer, said.

President Obama plans to change that. He introduced a legislation to improve the speed and accuracy of background checks for becoming a citizen. 

"He increased the number of immigration officials to rapidly process the immigration papers," Plummer said.

However, that doesn't mean undocumented workers get a free pass until they are legal, but employers don't have to take the chance on whether potential employees are illegal. 

"Employers now can go online and verify whether a worker is here legally," Plummer expressed.

"We have a lengthy process we have to go through. We have to apply with the texas workforce and there's a lot of paper work for that," one employer said. 

Some employers say the long process is worth it.

"These men pay for their social security, federal withholding, they buy groceries, they're a viable part of the economy," Kathy Bellis with Penatek Inc., said.