Historical View of The Bush Legacy

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

After eight years in office, George W. Bush can step out of the spotlight, and into presidential history.

"The curtain is closing on his Presidency of course," Dr. Chris Emmert, Political Science professor at U.T.P.B., said.

Emmert says the history books will have plenty of material from the last eight years.

"President Bush has had some very significant events take place during his Presidency. The 9-11 attacks, certainly, the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, the devastation in New Orleans, and now most recently with the fiancial crisis," Emmert explained.

Bush has also faced approval ratings.

"I don't think any other President has had even quite as high a rating as President Bush, at the time of 9-11, and he has been as low as any President since they've been measuring popularity since the 1940's," Emmert added.

However, President Bush saw, like other former Presidents, how major events can shift and shape public perception.

"Was he a good president?" Steve Chandler, an Odessa resident, questioned. "I don't know that he was a good President. I don't know that any good President would have wanted to face [the 9-11 attacks and the War in Iraq], but it happens. And it happened during his time in office. I wouldn't want that bad thing to happen to any President, but hopefully, we can look behind us now and go on as a Nation."

Emmert said, however, there's more to Bush's legacy than public opinion.

"He could be viewed much better in the future, depending on what happens in Iraq, I think, and with the economy," Emmert explained.

Two issues at home and abroad that will likely forever be linked to the 43rd President.

"I have a lot of soliders who are still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan," Odessa Shopper James Robinson, said. "The need for the soldiers to come home is probably going to be a tarnished on his legacy, because of the soldiers being left deployed, and the economy being in a wreck."