Americans Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--On the eve of the day the nation officially welcomes it's first Black President, many gathered to remember the man who had a dream.

If you were able to take part in any, you couldn't help but feel the excitement in the air.   In Odessa, that excitment was less about race and more about the future of a nation and the fullfillment of a dream.

Black and white, young and old.   They all came out to celebrate and remember.   "It's not just a black thing.  It's an American thing.  I'm like Obama, it's an American thing," Odessan Linda Moore, who marched in Monday's Freedom March, said.

White was still a child when King was leading the fight for civil rights, "I was a young kid when Marting Luther King was alive.  I remember very well because my mother would make us watch him on television. "

Like many, she never thought she would see the day a black man would be sworn in as President of the United States.  "Never thought I would be living at this time.  Never thought it.  Never and this is wonderful," Moore said.

Roger McNeil, also of Odessa, was a part of King's fight.  "I was a part of the sit-in in Dallas.  I was a part of the sit-ins in the drug stores and the bus stations and service stations," he explained.

McNeil remembers and is thankful too, "I've seen this country do a tremendous turnabout.  Change has been made.   The inauguration Tuesday, that Obama will receive, will mark a historical event in the life of our people."

While some say, yes, this is a good start.  But there is still a lot more to be done.  "I'm saying, something else is going on in the moral framework of who we are as a people.  It's going to take something larger than a new President to change that," Pastor Smith from Midland, said.

The outlook of everyone that was a part of this year's march in Odessa is positive to say the least.

"I'm looking for a great change in our world at large," McNeil commented.  According to Moore, "God is going to bless America.  Yes He is."