Four Year Old Boy Killed in Tragic Accident

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland family is mourning the tragic loss of a four year old boy after a bad accident on Tuesday afternoon.

NewsWest Nine has been following the story since it first broke around three Tuesday afternoon when police received word of a bad accident in the 2000 block of south Fairgrounds road.

Midland police say 34-year-old Sylvester Galindo was trying to start up the engine of his 18-wheeler truck not realizing it was already in gear.

His son, four year old Albert Galindo, was crawling underneath the truck's trailer and was struck.

The father initially began driving his son to the hospital, but called 9-1-1 while en route and emergency crews took over transport.

But sadly, it was too late.

Albert was pronounced dead upon arrival to Midland Memorial Hospital.

Police say the investigation continues.