New Regulations for Lead Impacts Resale Stores

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The issue of lead in childrens toys and clothes is once again front and center with some new federal laws.

"Basically we are just going through and pulling off anything that might have lead in it until the government comes up with how they want us to check it," ThriftWorld Manager Charlie Miller, said.

Miller is removing clothing that might contain lead due to a new federal safety standard.

"On the clothing wise anything that has glitter if it was made in China. If it was made in America different deal anything in China or coming from overseas," Miller said.

The new law imposes stricter guidelines on lead for children products. The law begins February 10th and resale shops are feeling the pinch the most.

"We are not going to sell any children clothing under 12 or any used toys," Major Carl Hughes with the Odessa Salvation Army, said.

"I would say at least 40 percent of what we do in our thrift store is items for children," Hughes explains.

He said they are taking a better safe than sorry approach.

"It won't pay for us to be any more discriminatory than we already are. We will still accept donation but we will take it and bail it and sell it as rags," Hughes said.

Miller said it will take an adjustment period.

"It is not going to shut us down it may throw a kink in the way we run it, but we will work it out," Miller said.

Stores that do not comply with the law could face tough penalties and that's why local stores are not taking any chances.