The American Dream Still as Bright as the Stars and Stripes

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Foreclosures, unemployment, and a volatile economy if you listen only to the headlines it may appear that the American dream is unraveling, but for one immigrant from Uganda the dream is still as bright as the red, white, and blue on the American flag.

"God has blessed me," said Paul Twesige. "Everything will be fine, I am happy that I am in America, the land of opportunities."

It's by shear chance Twesige ended up in the United States.  He is one of 55,000 people around the world selected at random to receive permanent visas.

"All along I was dreaming about America," he said.

Twesige not only dreamed of America but West Texas. A friend also selected to move to the United States and told Twesige of the booming economy in Midland.

"They told me that in the North there was unemployment," he said.  "They told me Texas was fine."

He also flocked to West Texas for the warm weather and found people are friendly.

"They have made me feel at home," Twesige said of the people of Saint Anne's Catholic Church where he attends mass.

A couple at the Church gave him a brand new bicycle. He started working overnight at Wal-Mart. Twesige says he's saving for a place of his own and wants to one day start a family.

"I think they'll be more than me, they'll get more chances," he said of his unborn children.

Twesige left behind his father, two brothers, and a sister.