Odessa Student Packing His Bags For Presidential Inauguration

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Kaleb Ward is like any other Odessa sixth grader. He likes video games, football, and reading.  On january 20th, however, Kaleb will be able to claim something not a lot of West Texas students can - He's going to see a Presidential Inauguration.

"Kaleb has just always been a bright, smart child," his mother, Candi Ward, said.

"I'm excited," Kaleb said. "I want to see the monuments and I want to see Lance Armstrong and see them talk."

A special invitation from the National Young Scholars Program has landed Kaleb on a plane towards Washington, D.C.

"He will be going to the inaugural ball, to the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. He'll be taking some monuments tours. He'll get to take a tour down the Potomac River," Candi Ward explained.

Ward told NewsWest 9 good grades at Gonzales Elementary and two teacher recommendations sent Kaleb to an academic summer camp, which left every student with an invite.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Kaleb," Candi Ward said.

And while Obama wasn't his pick in the 2008 election, Kaleb said he's looking forward to the opportunity.

"It seems pretty fun, I think i'll like it," Kaleb said.

When Kaleb Ward makes it to Washington, he will be with other students from all over the country at the inauguration. The events will keep him busy from the weekend before through the 21st.