Local Woman to Attend Barack Obama's Inauguration

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - In a county where John McCain won 78 percent of the vote, you might be hard-pressed to find too many people making the trip to Washington, D.C., but one woman is packing her bags for the Capitol.

Lydia Madrigal didn't expect this.

"I didn't think I would see this," Madrigal said.

But in less than two weeks, she'll make the trip all the way from Midland to Washington to witness Barack Obama's inauguration.      

"Obama's election is huge. He's the first African American, but equally as important, the people that came together to make this happen," Madrigal said.

It won't be her first time, in fact, she's already been to three.

But she says this one will be different.

"There will be such great diversity and I'm looking forward to seeing that," Madrigal said.

And while she's in the political minority in West Texas, Madrigal doesn't mind.

"I believe in order to have a healthy society you need to have all kinds of perspectives and I think that's a perspective that I play here," Madrigal added.

Of course those inaugural tickets are hot items. NewsWest 9 went searching online topping out at three thousand dollars.

As for Lydia, she got her hands on them because of her work with the Democratic Party.