City of Midland Preparing to Welcome President Bush

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Tall City leaders are rolling out the welcome mat, and say, they're throwing the biggest party Midland's ever seen.

President and Mrs. Bush are headed back home in two weeks, and Midlanders are getting ready to celebrate. The White House announced that of all the places President Bush could have celebrated his time in office, he's chosen his hometown. 

And it's all hands on deck in the Tall City. As preparations get underway, we had the chance to hear from city leaders about what this homecoming means for West Texas.

"When you finish a race like the one they've been on, the first place you want to go is home,"  Don Evans, Former Secretary of Commerce, said.

Right after the inauguration ceremonies are finished, President and Mrs. Bush will be on a plane bound for the Tall City.

"It's going to be a monumental day for Midland, West Texas, and the State of Texas for that matter, but certainly a historic day for Midland," Evans said.

And Midlanders are getting ready to celebrate. City leaders are throwing a party that they say will be huge.

"Biggest party Midland's ever seen," Midland Mayor Wes Perry, said.

The party will replicate the send-off given to the Bush family eight years ago before President Bush headed to Washington.

"It just seems to me that this is just perfect because Midland is a place that champions are born," Perry said. "And I don't know of a better champion than President and Mrs. Bush, so to say that Midland produces incredible people, they're the shining example in my mind."

And the Mayor tells us the whole city's involved in the planning. So far they haven't made specific plans as to exactly what the event will entail, but they promise live entertainment and a historic program.

"Huge, I mean, huge," Evans said. "This is probably going to happen one time in the history of this great city."

"It takes a lot of people to put this on," Perry said. "Just in meeting and the few times we've gotten together, it's incredible, all the volunteers that are coming out and everyone wants to help. It's just amazing. It's what Midland's all about."

The rally will be held the afternoon of January 20th. Midland officials say everyone's invited to the event, but you must have a ticket. 

You can get one next week, we'll keep you up to date on where you can find tickets, but city leaders say, it's a free event.