Midland County Family Loses Everything After Fierce Fire Destroys Their Home

By Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A Midland County family is without a home, after a huge blaze left their house in charred ruins.  

"I was just eating a waffle and saw the smoke," Neighbor Bob Duke, said.

Just minutes after a neighbor spotted the smoke; flames began to consume the home on West County Road 154.

"The homeowner said she was asleep and saw that the house was on fire and just had to run pass the fire to get out the door," Midland County Fire Marshal Dale Little, said.

An army of emergency personnel on hand to battle the blaze.

"Midland Fire Dept, Greenwood Fire Dept., Midland Road and Bridge Dept, Sheriff's Office, DPS Troopers are all here working with it," Little said.

And with wicked gusting wind, the fire spread into the field near the home.

"Anything that is downwind of this thing, the houses, yes it was dangerous, and if it got over 1270 and jumped that, then we would have had a free burning pasture fire," Little added.

But one favorable weather condition helped firefighters.

"One thing on our side as far as grass fire concerned is the high humidity in the air, so the grass didnt burn as fast," Battalion Chief Vince Hancock, said.

Some neighbors feared the fire would threaten their homes.

"We were worried about this house here, but they got out here and got the pasture out before it bothered anything," Duke said.

The family made it out safely, their pets, however did not.

Fire officials are still investing the cause of the fire.