Animal Shelters Seeing Spike in Homeless Animals

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

Amid growing concern that our oil boom is beginning to go bust and crude prices dipping below fifty dollars, economic concerns are on a lot of minds here in West Texas.

And for local animal shelters, seeing is believing.

The economy is affecting everyone, and with people losing their homes and jobs, some are also forced to give up their best friend.

"We do our best to get them a home, but if we don't for some reason, it takes a while, they don't go anywhere. We'll keep them here forever if we have to," Lone Star SPCA Director, Kirk French, said.

But that leads to one problem, the limit of dogs that the Lone Star Animal Shelter can take in is forty and right now they're overcrowded with fifty.

The S.P.C.A. says they want people to think twice about giving up their pets.

"Pets to us are like family and we hope that people would consider that if they have a pet, so that if they move maybe their family could take them, or hopefully they take them with them," French said.

One lucky puppy was given a second chance at life after suffering abuse from its previous owner.

"She's going to be a therapy dog, and work with abuse shelters and the children's hospital. She's going to do a good job," French said.

But for many others waiting around at the Lone Star Animal Shelter, a chance at a permanent home might just take a little longer.

"Please be responsible and don't dump them off, because that doesn't do animals any good or the shelters any good," French said.

The Lone Star S.P.C.A. is a no kill animal shelter.