Trash Troubles Tall City Waste Department

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

It's a sticky situation for Solid Waste in Midland. Christmas brought an abundance of trash in the Tall City neighborhoods, and it's causing some headaches for the city workers who have to clean up.

Just a few days ago, it was sitting under a Christmas tree. Now it's piling up on the sides of dumpsters.

"There's so much trash that we're making extra trips," Midland Solid Waste Superintendent Morris Williams, said.

It's a mess that's got waste management working from sun-up to sun-down just to get rid of the overflowing trash.

"As you can see, it's just going to be the amount of trash," Williams said. "There's a bunch of it out there, the Christmas trash."

Anything not inside the can means they get out of the truck, and pick up the pieces, taking triple the amount of time for post-holiday clean-up.

"That's approaching that dumpster, picking it up, and setting it down and keeping rolling," Williams said. "And if we stop, get out of the truck, and move that, if we do that 25-30 times in a day, or even more then that takes that much time away from finishing the route."

Typically they might see trash outside the dumpster 3 times a week out of 13,000 city containers, but during the holidays they're finding about 200.

"We're facing this problem a lot more than any usual day," Williams said.

And the biggest problem? Those big boxes.

"We take our focus away from some of the other services we offer and we stick to residential trash pickup," Williams said.

The city called in extra trucks and put the 35 members of Solid Waste on overtime.

"We just basically want citizens to know, if the container is full, then we need you to hold your trash until we can get through, empty it, and then you can re-fill it with what you were holding," he advised. "Take your boxes to the recycling places, the designated recycling places, and just be patient with us."

The city says they're hoping to catch up by next week.