First Midland Baby Rings in 2009

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Not only are we welcoming in a new year, but the Tall City is welcoming the first baby born in 2009. Family members, hospital staff, and business owners helped the new Midlander ring in the new year.

"It was just unexpected and a shock," New Year Baby's Mom, Veronica Careaga, said.

It's a surprise that brings a smile to the proud parents of Midland's first baby of 2009.

"I just couldn't believe it," Careaga said. "Because everyone kept telling me, you're going to have him on New Years and I was just like don't say that because I don't have anything ready yet."

But ready or not, Rey Careaga helped his family ring in the new year.

"I think the nurses are a little bit more excited," Labor and Delivery Nurse, Holly Scrivner, said. "It's kind of a neat thing for them. I know our lady this morning delivered very early and she was excited to be the New Year, the first baby here."

Five pounds, six ounces, and 18 inches long, Rey was born just after 5 am.

"I was just like, what's happening now?" Careaga said. "It was just too soon for me."

And it's not just excitement for the new parents and his eight year old brother, but it's also fun for the nurses on call.

"It's more fun if we have patients and they're excited about their deliveries," Scrivner said. "It's hard to not have any patients, so when we have patients on New Year's Day, and they're actually in labor, it's a fun thing for us."

But his family says, their new son will enter a different world.

"It's going to be harder I think, money wise, economy wise and all that," Careaga said.

"I think it does get harder each year because the economy gets tighter, and the things of the world get a little bit more messed up, so I think it gets more difficult to raise kids," Scrivner said.

Rey's family says from now on, New Years celebrations will be bigger and better.

"Probably now that we've actually had him on that day, it will be," she said.

"I just think it's neat for the mom and the whole family, because you've always heard of the first New Year's Baby, so if you're going to be born on New Year's, it would be great to have that 'I was the first New Year's baby.' The media gets involved, they get gifts, and it's just a little bit more exciting," Scrivner said.

Midland Memorial says, they'll most likely be three more babies born before midnight. And over in Odessa, Medical Center Hospital is having a baby boom of their own. Odessa's first baby of 2009 was born just after 1 am. So far on New Years they've had four, and unusually large number for the first day of the new year.