Exchange, Return & Buy What You Really Wanted

By Wyatt Goolsby 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A line of shoppers waited at Best Buy on Friday to exchange and return unwanted gifts.

"I am buying a DVD for myself," Ryan Holmstrom, who brought his two children along, said.

Best Buy General Manager Mike Williams says it's another big year for Nintendo's Wii and Apple's IPod, both items are still sold out at the Midland Best Buy.

"I-Pod, you get one color, you want another. There are too many choice," Shopper Jessica Morris, who wanted to exchange an I-Pod she recieved for Christmas, said.

As sales nationwide seemed to fizzle, sales stayed steady at the big retailers Midland store.

"We've seen a trend that is a little better than the national economy," Williams said. "We are just as busy as last year."

Williams says laptops, and just about any type of gaming console sold well this year.

"If you weren't hit as hard as everyone else due to the economy, it was a good year for your shopping," Morris said.

Williams says the Superbowl next month and the digital television shift on the horizon, TV's are another big item.

"We have had some great specials on televisions," Williams said. "We are definatley seeing the digital conversion coming into fruition."

Williams advises shoppers to wait until Monday, if they want to miss the crowds.

"It's going to be a busy weekend," Williams said.