Former Utah State Trooper Blamed for Dallas Highway Shootings

by Ellen Goldberg

Dallas police say a former Utah State Trooper is responsible for a deadly shooting rampage that left two Texas motorists dead and a third person injured on Monday.

Former utah state trooper brian smith is on life support after shooting himself as police tried to arrest him after a deadly shooting rampage in the dallas area.

"I certainly think he is going to be linked to the three shootings in Dallas," Dallas police Lt. Craig Miller said on Tuesday.  "Right now I can't say definitely say he's involved in the Garland shooting."

The rush hour rampage began in Garland, Texas on monday.

20-year-old Jorge Lopez was shot for no apparent reason, as was truck driver and Desert Storm veteran William Miller.

Two other truck drivers, who asked not to be identified were also shot at along 635, but not seriously hurt.

Police say preliminary ballistics tests point to Smith as the triggerman.

Officers pulled him over Monday night for outstanding warrants, but heard a gunshot as they approached his vehicle.

Utah Highway Patrol records indicate Smith had been suicidal in the past.

In may he resigned after allegations of theft, DUI and prescription drug use surfaced.

The former officer is now the sole suspect in a rampage that left two dead and thousands of other drivers in fear.