Shoppers Head Out for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA--For retailers across the Permian Basin, the holiday shopping season is over except for counting their tills and cleaning up the stores.  As expected, Permian Basin shoppers were out in numbers, trying to find that last minute Christmas gift.

It was just a month ago when people were rushing on, Black Friday, to be the first to get their hands on those must have gifts.  On Christmas Eve at Best Buy, the scene was a little different.

"You'll see less of the early morning shopper.  You'll see them late moring, mid-afternoon, late-afternoon is when you'll see the major crowds today,"  Best Buy General Manager, Mike Williams, said.

Luis Leija, Executive over Guest Services at Target in Odessa said they were ready for a busy day as well, "The demand out here in Midland/Odessa is so high, people have been trying to get these last minute gifts all year round and they're still trying to get them."

Electronics seem to be the hot ticket this year.  Williams says in his store, one gaming system in particula, is the hands down favorite, "Of course, the Wii has been very popular.  For the third christmas in a row, it's been very, very popular."

Then there's the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person on your list, or if you need one at the very last minute.

"That's where the gift card really comes in handy.  It doesn't expire.  It doesn't devalue in any form or fashion.  It can be used at any time.  So that's one of the gifts you'll see going pretty regular today," Williams added.

But why do people wait until the last minute to do all their shopping?  Lieja offered his opinion, "It doesn't seem that it's that common.  It seems that it's a steady flow.  People do prepare for the worst, however during the Christmas season, you've got so many things going on that you're going to forget those nick nacks or those 'oops' gifts, as we call it."

It might not surprise you to find out who tops the list of last minute shoppers.  "Today you'll probably see a bigger contingent of men who'll be doing the last  minute shopping.   I don't know if we're just procrasinators or what," Williams said.