Plush Pet Resorts Fill Up Around the Holidays

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- There is a TV in every suite and an orthopedic mattress for every lucky pooch staying in the Greenbelt Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort this holiday.

"I think you probably do not understand how much the people of Midland love their pets," Tom Green, DVM, said.

Just like any posh resort, Greenbelt's Pet Resort fills up quickly for the holidays.

"Christmas is our busiest time," Green said. "In fact, our resort has been booked since September."

Pet owners can choose between a luxury suite, at a cost of about 40 dollars a night and a small or large kennel. All dogs are taken out to play three times a day. Dogs in suites also get an extra play time inside.

"We stay busy and it makes it go by fast that's for sure," Amy Mehringer, department head for Greenbelt's Pet Resort, said.

Pet owners who opt for the suite can log on to check on their pets 24 hours a day.

"While they're on vacation they can go on line and view their pets in real time; eating, sleeping, playing," Green said.

At Wag N' Tail Pet Resort, the rooms also come equipped with TV's.
"It's their home away from home," Trey Erwin, an employee at the facility, said.

Wag N' Tail booked up for Christmas last month and says they too have a four page waiting list.

"We try to tell them to give us a call as soon as you know your plans," Erwin said.

At Wag N' Tail, pet owners leave gifts for their furry friends to open Christmas morning.

"We do not have a Christmas Party, I am sorry they don't get turkey and dressing we try to keep them on their regular diet, but they do get to come out and play four times on Christmas just like any other day," Green said.