Thieves Use Front-End Loader to Rip Off Landfill

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY--It's not everyday you hear about someone jumping into a front-end loader, busting down a wall and tearing out a safe.   The landfill on West Murphy is about 10 miles outside of Odessa.  That's got officials wondering, "Why did it happen, way out there?"

"You can do anything on a whim.  Why would they pick this place?," Sgt. Gary Duesler, with the Ector County Sheriff's Department, said.

There's not much left of the office where Charter Waste Management kept their files, records, scales and the object at the center of everything, the safe.  

Given the circumstances, Sgt. Duesler tells NewsWest 9, there's something fishy going on, "I think it was a very deliberate act.  How many times have you ever heard this happen before?  Somebody gets a front-end loader and bulldozes into a building and robs a safe.  It may have been some kids out on a prank.  I don't think so, but it could have been."

With very little to go on, authorities now have to try to figure out just what happened.  That's a task that could take anywhere from a week to several months.

"Unfortunately we come into this thing at the end of the story, always. We have to go back and read it backwards to the very first chapter.  It takes a little time to get there," Duesler explained.

There's no word if there were surveillance cameras installed in the office or not.   Duesler says, that means they'll have to get their tips from where ever they can and build a case, "You just have to go with the sources and resources you have.  Sometimes there are none.  You can't create something out of something that's not there."

The Sheriff's Department is looking for anyone who might have been in the area and seen something when the fire and theft took place.   If that's you, you are asked to call them at 335-3050 or call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.